How To Raise Your Own Honey Bees

How To Raise Your Own Honey Bees

Raising honey bees is a very profitable business. But you should make sure that you keep your bees in a remote area away from people. Intruders are going to get stung by the bees protecting the hive. As a beekeeper you will need to be ready to receive your share of stings.


If you've any concern with bees or of being stung, you will have to conquer those apprehensions. As you gain confidence and more adept at the handling of the bees, the stings will happen less frequently.

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One or more of the tips you will probably want to remember is when to manipulate bees. You can open and examine the bee colonies on days that are warm and sunny with no wind. The older bees will be out looking for food on those days. They will also remain in the hive on colder, windy and rainy days.

When there is lots of nectar, bees are simpler to look at than when there is a shortage of nectar. Supplying them with sugar syrup may help, but not always.

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Spring is the better time to look at the bees. Bees will normally tolerate a moderate beekeepers manipulation for 10 to 15 minutes. It is better not to keep the hives open any more than you have to. Hatch examinations should never be drawn out. When examining the hives, if bees become noisy or very nervous, the hive has to be closed.


If there is honey in the combs, they will appeal to robber bees unless there is a lot of nectar. If robbing start, you will need to stop examinations for the remainder of the day and lower the entrances to the hives. Once the robbing starts it is challenging to stop. It is very important to get expert training on beekeeping before you attempt to start it on your own.....

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