How To Start Raising Bees

How To Start Raising Bees

Several locations everywhere around the world produce honey for food and medicine. There are quite a few beekeepers in certain parts of Europe, Africa, Asia and the United States. Though bee keeping started in Europe and was brought to the United States later, it is more modernized in the United States. There are different cultures for keeping bees in different countries.

Honey is used as food in the majority of the cultures and in some for religious concoctions that are sweetened with honey. The U.S citizens make honey for commercial purposes to be sold in supermarkets and also to send it abroad to other countries for sale. The honey is put into containers with their brand names put on it and sent out to areas where honey is scarce or not produced at all.

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1. There is no mass production of honey in lot of countries

Unlike in the USA, the majority of the other countries do not produce enough honey to be in a position to ship some to other countries too. The USA manages to harvest enough honey in one season so that it lasts them until next spring to get ready for the next shipment.

The bees are normally inactive during the wintertime and produce honey only in the warmer summertime when there are more flowers around the place for pollination. This is when the mating starts too and then the bees are busy producing honey and looking after the larvae. United States is known to produce the most honey internationally and also to give it to the supermarkets everywhere around the world.

2. Maintaining of hives

The hives do not need to be maintained on a day-to-day basis. If the beekeepers watch over the hives 60 minutes on a day-to-day basis this should be fine. This is required mainly during the high season that is between May to September. If the season is good the beekeeper can get around 60 to 100 pounds of honey. What also matters is the cost that the beekeeper gets per pound of his honey and with this he can gauge what his earning will be one day for each harvest.

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3. How to raise the produce of honey

The biggest problems the beekeepers face are the bumble bees which conceal in the earth and swarm up from there to go to the flowers that have already been visited by the bees. To avert this beekeepers changes the place of the hives are located, and this is also beneficial to the honey production as the bees have new flowers to pollinate and more honey is cultivated this way.

This is known as the migratory system amongst the beekeepers when they alter the place of their hives. The different batches of honey produced with this vary as supplied by the pollination. The taste of the honey depends on the flowers that the bees have been pollinating.

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