How To Start Your Own Bee Farm

How To Start Your Own Bee Farm

Starting your own bee farm is a great idea as a beginner beekeeping. The demand of honey is growing and they are less beekeeper’s to supply the demand. Below are some guidelines to expend your knowledge in this field.

1. Cross pollination and the consistency of honey

Beekeepers count on the few thousand varieties of bees to cross pollinate their flowers and create new species of flowers and likewise a number of different types of honey. The beekeepers keep a track of the bees and their cross breeding so that they know where the bees arose in and their origin. This way they also know the types of the honey that various bees produce.

2. Origination of bees

Bees are thought to have arisen in Asia, Africa and Europe and were brought to the US centuries ago by immigrants from throughout the world. The only place where there are no bees is the Antarctica. Bees are connected to wasps, but unlike the bees wasps do not pollinate flowers like the other species of the same category that are beetles, butterflies and flies.

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3. The two families of bees

Beekeepers learn to manage their bees with the two classes that are males and ladies. Generally there are just a couple of males and the ladies that are more in number fight for control of the bee hive with one another.

4. African bees are not aggressive

People feel a fear when they hear about the African bee and believe it is a poisonous killer bee, but this is not so and the African bee is not hazardous at all. These bees are the most fashionable with the bee keepers and likewise in most of other beekeeping industry too. Clover honey is produced by the African bee and is the hottest and most utilized honey.

These bees never attack anyone, but will do so provided that they're defending their hive and the security of the queen bee is a concern. The queen bee lives inside the hive permanently once she conceives and won't ever be observed again. Beekeepers remove parts of the hive but never touch the area where the queen bee lives.

Though bees may be of a passive nature by and large, it is quite annoying to have them buzzing around you when you are out at a picnic. This is because there sense of smell is stronger than their eye sight and they come as a result of the smell of food. It is their sense of smell that guides them to the flowers and pollinates them.

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Sometimes the food people consume could smell a whole lot like flowers and the bees opt for this. Bees now and again hover around trash cans as a result of certain foods that are dumped in them. So farmers should be careful when dumping food in the trash cans as this could lead the bees to the trash cans as opposed to their natural habitat.

It is very important for a beginner beekeeper to get expert guidelines on starting on beekeeping so you can avoid costly mistakes made by beginner beekeepers.....

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