Making A Profit From Beekeeping

Making A Profit From Beekeeping

Have you ever considered going in beekeeping? I highly recommend it. Well, it’s always best to start at the beginning, so I need to apologize to any veteran beekeepers who are reading this. You naturally won't learn a thing you don't already know. This article is focused towards anyone who is thinking of starting on beekeeping for the very first time either as an interest or a business.

I think it's quite important that anyone wishing to become a beekeeper, either as an interest, or hoping to make an income from beekeeping, should know something about these great creatures. Bees are interesting and in addition to necessary. Good husbandry in beekeeping means that you will have to have good knowledge of bees, their habits, and their requirements.

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So we start with an explanation of the occupants of the hive. That is to say the Queen, the Workers, and the Drones. A successful, healthy colony of bees in midsummer will consist of a Queen, plus 30,000 to 60,000 Workers, and possibly 300 to 400 Drones.

Although the Queen is named as such, she is not in point of fact the total ruler of the colony, rather she serves it from a position picked out for her. The queen bee is born specifically for the role, potential mother to millions. She is the longest living of the bees. She may live for several years. In her size, physical form, and colouring, she is unmatched in the colony. Whilst not as bulky as the Drone, she is the longest, and darkest, in addition to being surprisingly delicately proportioned. Her one purpose is to propogate, she mates once, then exclusively lays eggs of up to 3000 a day.

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The Worker bees are the smallest in the colony, they are all ladies, like the Queen, but undeveloped. A Worker bees' life is what it is the name says, work, all work and no play. It's a short life too, if they are born at the start of summer they will only live a couple of weeks.


If a Worker bee is born in the autumn they may well survive the wintertime, to start the job which as yet unborn generations will dominate. They gather the nectar and the pollen. They manufacture wax for repairs and the building of the combs (the colony's larder and cradle). They feed the Queen, nurse the young, clean the hive, and in addition defend it.


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