Raising Honey Bees For Beginners

Raising Honey Bees For Beginners

When you make up your mind to start beekeeping, you will need to get some specific equipment, from specialized suppliers, and these can be located locally or on the net. Now that is not meant to scare you off, as the amount of equipment you need is minimal, and the cost is also very reasonable, particularly for a business that is just starting.

Beekeepers equipment will vary from beekeeper to beekeeper, dependent on what he feels comfortable using, and the kind of hive he is making. Some people can have a certain item, while other people will not. But the items we describe here make up the basic equipment most beginner beekeepers ought to have.

The Smoker

This is likely the most significant piece of equipment a beekeeper might have. The smoker permits you to open the hives up and manage them without being stung. It only takes a couple of puffs from the smoker to keep the bees harmless while you open the hive. When you don't use a smoker, you will likely be stung more than once.

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The Bee Suit

An excellent bee suit may not sound like such an important item, but it does pay for itself, especially when it keeps you from being stung. This suit keeps the honeybees from crawling into your hair, your clothes, etc, and therefore stinging you after you leave the hive and the smoke effect wears off.

The Bee Hat with Veil

This is a hat which safeguards your face and hair. Some bee suits come with these items, but others don’t may have to buy it on an individual basis. The hat and veil protect the most sensitive areas of your body from being stung, like your neck, face, and head.

Hive Tools

These are really required for every bee keeper. These are tools that arrive in different styles, but help you both open the hive and dependent on the tool you purchase scrape the frame for honey. There are in reality many uses that the hive tools have.

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Bee Gloves

These are long gloves that prevent bees from stinging your hands or arms, but are likewise designed for ease of movement.

The Bee Brush

This is a special brush used to remove bees from areas where you wouldn't like them, like on yourself if maybe bees are on your clothes.

Bee wrist and Ankle Straps

These just give you a new layer of protection. They seal your pants and your sleeves so that the bees can't run up your clothes and sting you after you leave the hive.


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