How to Raise Honeybees for Beginners

How to Raise Honeybees for Beginners

They're many areas of the world that are liable for producing honey and bee wax that is then used for medical and food purposes. Some of these places include Africa, Asia, the United States and some European countries.

Beekeeping from the USA is different than where it started in Europe, the way it is taught and done is different as well. It is very fascinating to see different cultures train someone to be a beekeeper differently. Most cultures used beekeeping mostly for food that is prepared in religious ceremonies and occasions. The honey is commonly used to sweeten the meals. American citizens usually produce honey for commercial purposes that are exported to overseas countries that cannot produce mass productions of honey.

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Most countries do not have advanced technology to mass produce honey. The United States produces honey that will last the period off winter. Winter is a season when bees do not produce honey because there are no flowers accessible to produce pollen. The USA supports the bee industry so much that it exports its products to overseas countries in large volumes.

Since hives don't require that much attention, beekeeper can observe hives every 7 to 8 days. This gives the beekeeper and a great deal of time in expanding his business and different ventures. Dependent on how much the buyer charges for a pound, an excellent season can produce 60-100 pounds of honey. The more you are able to charge per pound the more profits you will make.

Bumble bees are normal annoyance to beekeepers during the harvesting and maintenance season. Bumble bees are black and yellow ugly bees that are frequently seen swarming around flowers that bees have already visited. They may be an annoyance to a beekeeper as they move from the ground up wards, since they live underground. This is when migratory is then needed. Migratory is the procedure whereby beekeepers move their hives to an alternative location. And this is another secret of rising production as it gives bees a fresh supply of flowers.

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Since each batch produced changes from one another with each pollination, the honey produced have different taste since the kind of flowers accessible to them are different. But even so beekeeping is a very good hobby but only if you have passion for it.


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