How To Raise Honey Bees

How To Raise Honey Bees

Learning how to raise honey bees is an honorable hobby, and it can work into a rewarding profession as well. In any case bees are totally essential for our natural environment. They pollinate about 80% of all flowering plants. But bees are diminishing in number thanks to the intrusion of pests.

So, if you begin beekeeping in your neighborhood, you may be helping keep our planet green. What about that for an encouragement? Seriously, there is a need for fitter bees.

As you know, bees live in hives, either natural or artificial. Natural hives are becoming harder and harder to find thanks to the pestilence named above. But, if you could discover a natural hive, you could bring those bees to your hive.

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Oh, did I forget to bring up that you may need a hive? You can build your own hive, or you can purchase one from a founded beekeeper.

As soon as you have your hive ready, you can bring in your bees. Once again, you have a choice to make.

First, you can get your bees from a natural source as named above. Incidentally, if you locate someone that has a hive in their attic or another cavity in their house, they will gladly allow you to take the bees for free (may even pay you to do it).

Second, you can buy a bee package. Bee packages are sold by professional beekeepers. They're just a crowd of bees in a box with a queen in some other container. You take them to your hive and pour them in, hoping that they will like the queen and begin a colony. Within a few weeks you can have a functional hive.

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Third, you can buy a bee package known in the bee trade as a NUC - it signifies Nuclear Hive. Actually it is a mini working hive. Usually NUCs come in a cardboard box with 4 or 5 frames of bees. There is a queen in the NUC who is connected with the other bees (unlike the package bees). All you should do is transfer the bees to your hive and you are in the beekeeping business.

Naturally there is a great deal more to know about how to raise honey bees than where to get bees for your hive. The more you read and learn, the more fortunate you may be to start beekeeping and have great success.


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