How To Manage An Apiary

How To Manage An Apiary

The homestead beekeeper knows there is no better form of self reliance than keeping a colony or two of these good insects around. They not just give a nourishing food full of health benefits and nutrition, but bees in addition provide excellent pollination for your garden and orchard.

But Bee Aware...

Sorry for the pun, but simply like looking after any other critter on your homestead, the number of details you will have to know would fill an entire web site by itself. But hopefully this article will present you with an idea of what beekeeping entails.

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Advantages of Beekeeping.

1. Fresh, raw honey. Naturally, that's the primary reason people keep bees. If you have never had fresh, raw honey, you have no idea of the treat that's in shore for you. The honey you buy at the shop has usually been processed, until it's nothing but sugar and no nutrients. But raw honey is different, with a ton of health benefits, from giving you natural energy to helping with allergies.

2. Pollination of your garden and orchard. More bees mean more pollination and a far more productive garden.

3. It's fun. Bees are fascinating little insects that stick together like...well...honey. They work as a whole, and each bee has its own role - and place - in society. Learning about them - and using them - can be addictive.

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The Drawbacks

Work with bees long enough and you will have stung, now and again more than once if you make your little colony mad. It might be wise to keep an anaphylactic kit available in case you or someone you know has a bad reaction to a bee sting (or several).

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