An Introduction To Beekeeping

An Introduction To Beekeeping

You can start beekeeping in your backyard (check to see if you require a permit) with just a single hive of bees, but beekeeping has it's own language that we will call “BeeSpeak”. Here are several definitions for a few of the more puzzling terms.

#1. Apiarist

Sounds like an area in the ape section for the zoo doesn't it? An apiarist is the one other name for a beekeeper. Fancy, Huh?

#2. Honey Bee

Bees that produce honey. What you likely didn't know though is that a lot of bees do not produce honey and that the honey bee is in the vast minority of bee species.

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#3. Hive Tool

This is the nifty tool that beekeepers use to pry frames out of bee hives. If you find this to be overpriced, just purchase a paint scraper - it's the identical thing.

#4. Super

When I first started beekeeping this one really, really confused me. The super is the area of the hive that the bees put the honey in. It incorporates frames. In beekeeping guides you will see instructions to include supers in the spring and fall. (And I was wondering Super what?)

#5. Smoker

Absolutely one or more of the most important tools in beekeeping. Normally a metal pot with bellows attached to it. It dispenses cool smoke that calms the bees. You should acquire a smoker. There is nothing worse than a hive of extra bees.

If your feeling a wee bit overwhelmed at the stuff you need to learn to start understanding honey bees and beekeeping, don't worry... it's really not too complex (I promise).

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