Average Cost Of Beekeeper Training

Average Cost Of Beekeeper Training

Beekeeping is a great hobby and side business that anyone can start on and be successful with but that’s provided they get the best training. It doesn’t cost a lot too to get going in this hobby. Below are some points to get you going.

1. Seasonal pursuits of the bees

Bees can make honey only during the warmer months when there are a lot more flowers blooming and there is plenty of pollen for them to feed upon, but during the cold winter there is less honey produced by the bees. Bees like humans can sense the modifications in weather and environment.

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2. The life of the bees when equated with humans

Bees have lives very much like that of the humans. They organize themselves and their work as reported by their designations and have a method in all that they do. The only difference between the queen bee and women is that the queen bee is permanently pregnant with her first nuptial flight and remains in her hive producing eggs until the sperm runs out.

The queen bee mates with 2 or 3 drones and this impregnates her for the following 2 to 3 years. The queen bee lays around 2000 eggs daily and lives for around two years after her period of producing young has ended. After this a new queen takes over the hive. Mating is seasonal and the pattern changes from one species of bees to another.

The queen bee, like the dignitaries among the humans, is looked after by worker bees and drones who keep buzzing around her to look after her from any sort of harm. These worker bees and drones will give their life to look after the queen bee. The queen bee's buzz is very unlike that of the other bees and is a high pitched buzz. The other bees recognize this sound and keep swarming around her constantly.

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3. Close knit colonies of bees

The entire bee colony is working towards a single goal which is to look after their queen, maintain the young and make honey. Their final deliverance from all the hard work is their death, which they often times bring on themselves by the never ending work that they do. The queen bee also lives only to carry on the linage and lay eggs to multiply the numbers in their colony and their hive.

Most of other bees in the bee colony are women, but just one will make it as the queen. Beekeepers still find the ways of the bees and their behavior a mystery and never really fathom the life of a bee. Technology and science is trying to learn more about the colonies of bees.

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