Raising Queen Bees

Raising Queen Bees

To raise queen bees can be very profitable. But requires you to be fully dedicated because bees are delicate.

You can buy your bees in different forms depending on your budget, the experience you have, and how much time you are able to dedicate to your project.

If you are one of those who are eager to get results at a faster rate, then you need to get a complete colony to start with. The complete colony contains one queen bee, thousands of worker bees, and some male bees for reproduction.

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If you want to see your colony grow in front of you, then you need to get a smaller colony that contains only few thousands of worker bees. Time is needed for a young colony to expand.

You will need to nourish them and provided with care to grow and regularly start producing honey.

It is more difficult raising queen bees then colonies. More attention is required for queen bees and experience as you must separate any queen that appears from the colony to start forming a new colony.

Keeping two queens in one colony is not possible. Therefore, if a new queen appears then you need to start a new colony for it and it will start laying new eggs that will hatch new worker bees.

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The new worker bees can become guard bees that will revolve around the hive to alarm the other bees when there is any thing endangering the colony. Worker bees also work as nurse bees that will nourish the eggs and take care of them until they hatch.

Worker bees have other categories, like the wax producing bees and bees that produce honey. All of these workers are dominated by only one queen.

Once another bee appears in one colony, then it should be removed or the bees will feel disoriented. As a beginnrer beekeeper it is very important to understand the nature of bees before you attempt to raise bees because this can be costly to you.....

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