Raising Honey Bees

Raising Bees for Honey

When raising bees for honey, there is one thing that you must have. If you don't have this one item, it means you can't start beekeeping at all.

So, what is the vital most important thing that every beekeeper must have?

It's a simple answer. You must have bees. So how do you get these bees? Well, here are four common places that you can look for bees.

The Swarm - You can capture an existing swarm and relocate this swarm to your hive. Swarms are new colonies that bees have formed by leaving a previous colony.

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The queen bee has left its nest with its worker bees in order to form a new nest. Swarms are found mostly in trees. Capturing these swarms may be a bit risky, but if done correctly then you will have all that you need to begin.

Purchase a colony - You can buy a bee colony that already has a queen bee and worker bees nested inside of a hive. This is a expensive option since you are buying a colony that is already flourishing.

Moving an existing colony - Another option is to move a colony from its current habitat to your hive. This can be a bit dangerous for a new beekeeper but is ok for experienced beekeepers.

Purchasing a queen and worker bees - The last option is the most recommended option especially for those starting out. This is done by purchasing some bees and a queen bee so you begin raising the bees.

The education and training that are required in making a good beekeeper require the expertise of a person who is dedicated and serious.

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Many people learn through the ranks of great grandparents, grandparents, and parents and it's just a family tradition and way of life that's taught to children.

Honey production is now a very profitable part of many farms, joining produce, meat, and dairy as a profitable market item. You too can start beekeeping today from your own backyard by getting a copy of my step by step beginner beekeeping guide below.....

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