Producing Honey for Profit

Producing Honey for Profit

There are quite a number of beekeepers who raise honey bees just as a hobby with no intended profit. Some of them are interested in these tiny creatures who are able to build a productive kingdom just based on their instinct.

Some others are fascinated with the raw honey that extracted from the hive. They say that it is totally different from those canned honey brands you buy from your supermarket.

Meanwhile, other beekeepers turned to realize that beekeeping is very profitable as well as interesting so they decided to turn their hobby into an investment and enjoy the hobby while generating money.

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Turn from an amateur into a professional beekeeper

For both type of bee farms there are some principles that apply, either for fun or for business. The production of honey consists of several hives. The bee keeper acts as a maestro to conduct the operation from the beginning to the end.

When deciding to became a professional who takes the honey bee keeping as a job, the number and size of the hives has to be taken into consideration.

Since monitoring one bee hive would not take longer than half an hour per day then you can look after a dozen or two with less trouble, especially if you started out as a hobby.

Should you increase the hive size or number of bee hives?

This question could be answered only by you, since it depends on your physical strength. Buying a bigger sized hive means less cost but it is not simple to remove the super frames full of more than hundred pound of honey. So its better to buy more hives. However, it's more expensive and needs more space.

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All of these are considerations as you move to become a professional beekeeper. So, what should you do to take a step closer in becoming a professional beekeeper? Get yourself a copy of my step by step beekeeping beginners guide below.....

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