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Successful Beekeeping Manual

How to raise bees ebook

As a beginner beekeeper one has to understand that training to be a beekeeper can be time consuming especially when you don't have a good guide to follow. 

But on the other hand beekeeping is a exciting hobby many take seriously because you have to share a passion for something that was once declared a simple hobby to which has joined the billion-dollar food market.

The beekeeping industry has come a long way from it being a simple hobby to where it's going on tables across the world.

Many beekeepers that have not been brought up in a family that practiced this are going to have to really learn fast from an experienced beekeeper that has had years of experience from knowing the biology and study of bees and what to expect when they turn out a good product of honey.



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Inside This Guide You Will Discover:

How to Start Successful Beekeeping

The Biology of Bees

The Science and Technology of Beekeeping

The Life Cycle of the Honey Bee

 A Look at The Queen Bee

Doing Beekeeping in Different Areas Of the World

The Things A Beekeeper Uses

 Beekeeping Equipment

 Acquiring the Bees

 Transferring Your Bees to Their New Home

 Harvesting the Honey

Frequently Asked Questions!

Is beekeeping difficult?

Managing an entire colony of living things can be hard work sometimes. A lot of work comes when harvesting your honey. Bees are also susceptible to various pests, diseases, and predators that you will have to watch out for.

Can you do beekeeping in a residential area?

It is often possible to keep honey bees in the most urban areas, within small residential places or even on the rooftops. Most will almost always act as hobbyist beekeepers, or in some areas rent hives from commercial beekepers.

Will an empty beehive attract bees?

Yes, an empty beehive can attract a swarm of bees. But if you were to keep an empty hive as it is, the chances of bees in there is pretty low, you will have to place a bait such as sugar.

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