Small Scale Beekeeping Equipment

Small Scale Beekeeping Equipment

Having the right beekeeping equipment is critical for the successful small scale beekeeper. If you considering having a colony or two of bees on your property, here is a directory of a few of the tools you will need:

Bee Smoker and Fuel

A bee smoker comprises of a fire chamber, bellows and a nozzle. Point the smoker at the entrance of the hive, squeeze the bellows and smoke is forced in. This dulls the receptors of the guard bees. They can't send a burglar alarm odor that would generally alert the older bees - who have the most venom - to defend their home.

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Also, the smoke triggers other bees to gorge themselves on honey - something they do instinctively in case they have to flee and find a new home elsewhere. What this means to you is a lot less stings. That is why a great smoker is an important part of your beekeeping equipment. At the time this article was written, the cost of a smoker and fuel ranged between $60 and $85 American dollars.

Beekeeper Suit

This will also look after you from stings and is well worth the investment. It keeps the bees from crawling into your clothes. It will also mask your scent - bees get really ticked off if you have a powerful body odor. Also, these suits are normally white. Bees are more prone to attack people in darker colors.

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The suit should also provide a hat and veil and long mitts. The mitts should be leather, good fitting and have long sleeves. The cost at the time of writing this ran from $85 to $130 in American dollars.

Tending your hive can be a messy business, and your mitts will get dirty. You will have to clean your mitts every time after you make use of them. One method to clean them is to wear them and wash your hands under warm water. Then dry them immediately and rub them down with olive oil. Afterward, remove as much excess oil as feasible.


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