Keeping Bees As A Hobby

Keeping Bees As A Hobby

Beekeeping is becoming a progressively popular leisure hobby, but to those novices at this hobby it may be a little daunting at the start. This short guide to how to keep bees looks at the fundamental principles of beekeeping and aims to present you a concept as to what you will need to do to make sure that your bee’s health and well being are taking care of.

Before you purchase your bees you will need to make some necessary preparations, so you will need to make certain that you will be able to have almost all the necessary equipment. Your most obvious piece of beekeeping equipment is the bee hive. There’s a great many various types available, but whatever type you choose it is best to make sure that you choose one and keep with it. The cause of this is that at some stage it is possible that you will want to extend your beekeeping to more than one hive so you will need to be in a position to interchange the varying parts.

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The other main items of beekeeping equipment that you will require are the beekeeping suit, gloves and a smoker. If you purchasing the suit second hand you ought to make sure that you check it thoroughly to make sure that there are no gaps for the bees to enter.


There are a few different smokers available with a range of prices. All the same, you will discover that the less costly ones dent and corrode easily so will probably only last you one season. If you pay more you will discover that they will last you longer.

One frequent question amongst those hoping to learn how to keep bees is where to purchase your honeybees from. Your main option for this is to purchase them from a professional supplier who can send them by mail order in a tiny nucleus hive. Alternatively, you could research if there is a local beekeepers association in your area who may have a member who could supply you will a small starter colony.

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As soon as you are set up it will now be a case of regular maintenance. You should check your beehive regularly for signs of damage, particularly during the winter months. Any broken or rotten planks ought to be replaced whenever you can. If this is not possible then you ought to fill gaps with a weatherproof filler.


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