How To Become A Bee Farmer

How To Become A Bee Farmer

For most of us, modern life has evolved far from our roots in nature. The majorities of us live and work in a synthetic, synthetic environment. Very few of us have the benefit of working in a natural setting, and few of us even have the privilege of communing with nature on a regular basis.

And yet, despite the barriers of modern civilization, which reduce our contact with the flora and fauna, we all recognize the need for nature. For the flora and fauna is the bedrock upon which our synthetic world of modern civilization rests. Though we might exist in a completely synthetic environment - leaving our air-conditioned homes to travel in air-conditioned vehicles to and from our workplace cubicle - we are just as dependent upon the workings of nature as a 17th century farmer who had to sweat in the sun and grub in the dirt for his living.

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For many of us, finding a way of reconnecting with nature provides a counterweight to the artificiality of modern life, giving a balance to our way of life that seems missing without some means of communing with nature. Gardening and camping are instances of popular activities that supply an interface with nature. Another such activity that regrettably is sometimes overlooked is beekeeping.

Beekeeping provides an intimate connection with nature. Watching your bees as they explode in population in the spring as they prepare for the summer's honey production, and then winding down in the fall, ready to face the wintertime with the stores they have industriously accrued, is endlessly fascinating, in spite of how lots of times you've watched the cycle repeated.

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And fortunately, it is not essential to live in the land to take pleasure from the hobby of beekeeping. Many hundreds of hives are kept on the balconies and rooftops of most cities; there are even professional beekeepers whose hives are all located within the confines of a city.

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