How To Get Into Beekeeping

How To Get Into Beekeeping

Bee keeping dates back to the 13th century BC when it was practiced by ancient Egyptians. Once it was introduced by John Harbison to the United States, it became more modernized with kept up to date techniques and became the main profession and financial sustenance for beekeepers. There are a few by goods that are derived from honey that is propolis and royal jelly which are used for medicinal purposes. Not much has changed since ancient times in the use of products derived from beehives.

1. Different types of bees brought into the US

Bees of different species were brought from various countries like New Zealand and Europe. This was more of an interest for people who lived on farms. Farming was the main occupation and beekeeping was just a side hobby that was accompanied by the relatives of farmers, who had extra space on the farm and found it simple to keep bees. This hobby then was passed from generation to generation.

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2. From honey and bee wax the bee hive changed with science

In early days, bees were maintained just for their honey and for the bee's wax that they produced for their hives, and which was used for producing candles and other products. Later L. L. Langstroth an American scientist brought more scientific methods into bee keeping and brought into practice the beehive frame that was removable. Later it was found that bees might be influenced into building their own frames that were straight by giving them some wax as a foundation. The bees would then make use of this foundation and build their own honey comb with holes that were octagonal in condition to have their larvae in until they had developed enough and hatched. Beekeeping kept getting more and more developed and a useful a practical invention was the smoker, which assisted the beekeepers as a security device.

3. The skill of beekeeping

For any successful beekeeper, this art should be second nature to them and they ought to know all that there is about bee keeping. It is always easier for people who are born into beekeeping families to work on such projects as this has been their life from the time they were born. With beekeeping being the family unit business the new generation will have no problem in picking up the strings as easily as it might be to quickly learn how to walk and talk!

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4. Apiculturists are agriculturists who are bee keepers

Bee keepers are agriculturists of sorts as their profession is intimately linked to the farmer's profession, who breed cows and grow food side by side on the same farm. In an identical way, many farmers have bee keeping as an additional source of income and an interest for others in the household to carry on some trade and earn some extra money. Obviously bee keeping is also a full time profession for some.

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