How Much Does It Cost To Raise Bees

How Much Does It Cost To Raise Bees

Home beekeeping is a fun and rewarding hobby. Bees produce heaps of honey and wax and even a tiny beekeeper will enjoy the fruits of their label in mere one season. Beekeeping doesn't require that much money to start and maintain.

In order to be a prosperous beekeeper, it is essential to be accustomed to the seasons of beekeeping and what is to be expected during each one. We'll talk about all four seasons in this report.


In the springtime the bees are waking up from their winter nap. It is time for you, as the beekeeper, to look at the hive and be certain that there is no disease in it and that the queen is present and laying eggs. During this time of year also you will add a surplus section to the hive called a super if the bees need more room. Lastly, spring is the time of year to dose the hive with restorative treatments.

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At this time of year you may be adding extra frames (also called a super) to your hive to hold the honey that your bees will be producing. You will likewise be harvesting honey during the season. The guideline for harvesting honey is that it is good to do when all the frames in a super are overflowing with honey and one-half of the cells are capped with wax.


Get your bees prepared for winter. During the fall months you should feed your bees sugar and water to make sure that they live through the wintertime. Also you will be inspecting your hive to ensure the queen is healthy and that there is no disease. In cold climates you will want to wrap the hive for the wintertime.

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Bees are in reality very self sufficient. They winter over by themselves very well provided you did your fall goes correctly. At this time of year, you can take a break and begin to prepare your hive for spring.

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