Get Started Raising Honey

Here are a few questions that you might have considered as you've been exploring beekeeping and bees. If you are curious about started beekeeping, then don't get moving until you read this. Here are 4 faq's for people who are searching for details on getting started as a beekeeper.

Q: I don't want to get stung. Is it common for beekeepers to get stung alot by bees?

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A: It does not occur as much as can be thought. Thankfully so, there is beekeeping protective equipment available which will help to reduce any chance of bee stings. Additionally, as you grow more in experience, you will gain know-how in the way to deal with bees more efficiently to reduce this likelihood.

Q: How much does it cost to get going as a beginner beekeeper?

A: This question depends obviously on what you settle on for your equipment. However, typical ranges may be any place from $100 to $200.

Q: Will beekeeping take a lot of my time?

A: You can anticipate in spending at the very bare minimum a couple hours a month on beekeeping. This obviously depends on the number of hives that you managing.

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Q: I don't wish to necessarily put bees in my backyard. Are there other options?

A: If you don't want to keep your bees in your backyard, then you should look for a local gardener or farmer who would allow you to use their land to look after your bee colony.

Here are just some questions and answers to get you began. For more guidelines on raising honey bees by yourself get my step by step beginners guide to beekeeping below.....

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