How to Start Beekeeping

How to Start Beekeeping

When it comes to beekeeping a lot of people don't know where to start, and which is the reason you are here on this webpage.

As you now beekeeping is very exciting activity. It is enjoyable and you can enjoy tasty, natural honey.

When it comes to beekeeping you don't need huge investments. You can even make money with beekeeping and start your own business.

So where do you start?

Obliviously you need to know seasonal cycles. It's very important to carefully plan the time. The nector flow depends of seasonal change in weather patterns. So the first thing is to check out the seasonal cycles in your region.

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Next thing is the house of bees - hive. There are many hives out there such as simple package hives, fixed-comb hive, movable hives, and many more.

What you loud want to do next is selecting you're hive location or hives if you have more then one. And protect it from various insects as ants and toads by setting up hives on stands and cutting of grass and weeds. If you are planning on having lots of hives, make sure you spread them apart because this can confuse bees. And this may lead to diseases spreading easily.

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Next step is getting the right beekeeping equipment You will need beekeeping gear and especially veil, it should cover full face and neck, which can be made of plastic screen of mosquito nets or metal screen or you can use nylon mesh. Also smoker is very useful to control bees.

And final step is to get honey bees. You can get honey bees from other beekeepers, or purchase them. Place bees in hives and let them build a colony and wait for honey. Now you'll have your own tasty, natural honey! Which you can also sell to make profits.

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