How to Keep Bees

How to Keep Bees

One nice thing about raising honey bees is that they can be raised anywhere. Flowers don't always need to be close by but that does not mean you should keep them far away from flowers. They will travel to get to flowers. Choose a site for bee hives that is quiet, sheltered and shaded. You should not put them in cold spots, damp air accumulates in wintertime.

Be considerate of your neighbors

Make sure you are considerate of your neighbors because your bees can get them complaining. The bee hives should not be on play grounds, cross sidewalks, or basic public areas. In dry weather, bees may collect water at neighbors' swimming pools or other water outlets. Avoid this by making sure your bees have a water source in your yard such as a container with floating wood or Styrofoam chips. The floating objects prevent the bees from drowning in the water.

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City Slicker bees

Many beekeepers keep bee hives in their own back yards. With other people using city roof tops. Honey bees can go a long way when collecting nector and pollen so close by flowers are not needed although it is better. Most suburban areas have plenty of flowers, which allows bees to make good honey.

City beekeepers must take special care their bees do not become a nuisance to neighbors, or a problem for that matter. Good neighborly relations is what we all want!

Bee stings are always your neighbors' biggest concern. Usually, beekeepers can care for their beehives to make sure neighbors to feel safe and comfortable in their own backyards.

You should use protective fences

A fence provides protection for both bees and people. A Fence is very important for most backyard beekeepers. A 6 ft. high fence or shrubs can serve several purposes.

This height for fences forces the bees to fly above the heads of people. Bees normally travel in a straight path to their hive, so their flight path is raised by the fence. A fence reduces the chance of a bee colliding with someone.

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Privacy is also needed by bees

If you Create an "out of sight - out of mind" situation, you will benefit from it and so will your bees. It's a fact that there will be neighboring people who will be concerned about your bees. A high fence will hide most evidence that you are raising bees. The high fence will also help your hives against high winds. If you want to raise bees successfully and avoid common mistakes made by beginner beekeepers get yourself a copy of beekeeping for beginners below....... 

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